We have uploaded the 2021 BLACK Ti product guide. 37 NEW Part numbers!


BLACK Ti is a specialty range of racing components developed by P1 Australia. Released at the 2019 Performance Racing Industry exhibition the range was met with much excitement by Racers amd Distributors. Please refer to the BLACK Ti section of the website for more information.


Exclusive CSI Shocks offer for V6 Wingless Sprintcars.With the ultra competitive competition in Australian Wingless racing, gaining an edge over the competition is vital. Why choose CSI Shocks by P1 Australia?All CSI Shocks are hand built and dyno tuned to exact specifications unlike many “mass produced” shocks. This means you […]

September Shock 6 Pack

P1 Australia is now proudly supplying Titanium Torsion Bar Stops for Sprintcar, Midget/Speedcar & Micro 600/F500 cars. Contact us now!

Titanium Torsion Stops

                                                                                Sander Engineering 1″ Tubular Torsion Bars are now available at P1 Australia. Sander Torsion Bars have been winning races since 1979. Sander tubular torsion bars save about 3 pounds per bar. In addition, they react more quickly than solid torsion bars because they don’t have the center to slow their […]

Sander Tubular Torsion Bars