Engine Heaters

We have developed two engine heaters for the performance racing industry

100 Series – small engines. e.g. kart, bike and 4 cylinder

200 Series – larger engines including V8

100 Series

May 2014 – P1 Australia commenced development of the 100 Series engine heater for Speedcar/Midget racing engines. The original design was released in October 2014 in Australia and soon after in New Zealand. This unique design was revolutionary in the motorsport community. The uniquely compact design with the ability to heat a 4 cylinder aluminium engine so quickly continues to gain attention of racers worldwide. This heater can be used for a wide range of small engine applications.

200 Series

December 2016 – P1 Australia proudly released the 200 Series Remote Engine Heater. This 240V heater has been designed to heat a V8 engine remotely, to suit most Sprintcar teams. The compact design of the heater will preheat an Aluminium V8 engine to 150*F in 45mins. (Dependent on ambient temperature.) The heater is supplied with -8 fittings to allow easy connection to the engine. Additional parts can be supplied to assist your installation.

February 2017 – P1 Australia partnered with Maxwell Industries in Ventura, California U.S.A. This partnership marked the beginning of a successful venture into the USA market modifying the remote engine heater into an In Car heater. The simplicity of this design was widely accepted by the racing community and highly popular all across U.S.A.