CP3 Chassis Distributor

Australasia’s leading chassis manufacturer Clark CP3AustsupplierPerformance is proud to announce that P1 Australia will be distributing their Championship winning race cars.

After outstanding performances over the past two years in the Australian leg of the POWRI World Midget Championship designer of the CP3 Tim Clark decided the time was right to distribute his championship winning race cars in Australia. With an armful of knowledge on Australian speedways Tim has refined the CP3 to suit the local conditions. “The tracks in Australia and NZ can be quite different to what is usually seen in USA. I have been working on the design of my cars since 1998 and the current CP3 is an evolution of technology in midget car racing” states Tim. ”I have been coming to Australia since the early 80’s with Barry Butterworth and later years with Christopher Bell, Darren Hagen and Michael Pickens. I have probably been to more race tracks in your country than many of the locals! A few have even been closed down now” jokes the man from Auckland, NZ.
Although the CP3 is constructed in USA by Tim’s close friend and expatriate Kiwi the CP3 is not the same as a Spike chassis. There are many key suspension differences between the two chassis. The CP3 is genuinely made for Australasian conditions. This was evident at BIS and Lismore earlier this year when the Kiwi chassis dominated its American counterparts although being heavily outnumbered.
P1 Australia’s Glenn Revell believes that the CP3 chassis is going to have a big impression on Australian Speedcar racing. “When I saw the CP3 race at the POWRI World Championship I was in awe! Those cars where lightning fast and handled like a dream. I have never seen a car so impressive in all my years of racing” claims Glenn. P1 Australia’s growing range of innovative Speedcar products combined with the CP3 chassis reinforces the company’s commitment of providing racers a quality product.